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Steam Shower Installation Checklist

Steam Shower Installation Checklist & Step By Step Process

Looking for a helpful steam shower installation checklist? Here are 10 things you need to know and check before you start your installation.

Make sure all the components are intact in your delivery. That is the first step when you receive the unit. You will find a list of all the different components in the manual. Check that these are all in your package. On the rare occasion that something is missing, please give us a call and we will have it sent out to you immediately!

How To Install A Steam Shower

Most of the units we sell can be assembled within an hour. it may take longer if you need to add custom electrics or water connectors. Steam showers do not require additional tiling or decoration. Simply assemble the unit and start using it.

What Are The Requirements?

Do not attempt to deal with electrical wiring on your own. Use qualified electricians for that. You need to make sure that you adhere to safety and legal standards for your own safety. We published an installation guide for steam showers here and you can use the form on the guide to find a qualified electrician near you.

1. Electrics

Most steam showers and cabins will use an electric feed powered by 13 amp standard 240v connection. Please use a qualified electrician to do all your electrical work. Especially as water is involved.

Your shower will need a 13 amp isolated fused spur. This ensures that your connection is completely waterproof. All the sockets you use must be on an RCD. This is general information only. Your electrician will advise on the best way to go about the electrical connections.

2. Water Feed

Almost all steam showers and cabins work using 15mm/1/2 inch water connection. The best way to connect your steam shower cabins to your water supply is through using braided flexible hoses. These are similar to what you use to connect taps and most steam showers will come with them provided. It ensures that after installation, you can move the unit back easily without disrupting the flow of water. The flexibility of the braided connection hoses allows you to move the cabins back and forth if needed.

Plumbers will tell you that in good practice, hose connections should be made to the 15mm threaded connection on the valve and some isolating valves fitted to the main piping which feeds the water supply. This ensures that you can shut off water to your shower if needed.

3. Waste Pipe

It is best to use a 1 ” waste pipe, situated underneath the shower. By doing this, you eliminate the need to modify the unit. Always use a flexible waste connector – most of the main manufacturers will also supply these as standard with your delivered unit.

Shower Cabin Assembly

After getting the prerequisites like water and electrics sorted, your next step is to assemble the shower cabin itself. You will begin with the tray/base.

4. Tray Assembly

When assembling the tray, make sure all gaskets and fittings are well connected to ensure they remain watertight. Always double-check the level of the tray on the adjustable legs.

5. Cabin Walls & Control Panel

At least two people are required to assemble the walls and control panel. Do a quick check of all the valve connections and water connections and tighten them, as they might have been loosened during transportation. The first panel to go on is the back panel. Fasten these to the base of the cabin and follow with the control panel.

6. Door Frame & Glass

After installing the base, back panel and control panel, proceed to the door frames. Assemble the frames separately and lift them into place once done. Most people find connecting the screws quite tricky. However, the trick is to leave enough space around you to move and adjust the frames. Starting from the bottom up, attach the frames to the base and then the tip piece. You can then install the fixed glass onto the frame. At this stage of the installation, nothing should be screwed completely into place. Leave some room for the rest of the pieces which should fall into place easily.

7. Roof

The roof houses some of the main functions in a steam shower. Lift the roof into place carefully and ensure it sits at the right position. Check that the holes line up as they should.

8. Components & Connections

All that’s left at this point is shelves and riser rails. At this point, you should tighten all screws and check the frames. Connect the electrics, fan, speakers, and the water supply. This is the easy part, as all the connections are clearly labelled.

9. Shower Doors

The final stage of the installation should be the doors. These are simply fitted onto the framework and slid into place.

10. Final Check

Do a final check of all the connections, framework, screws and do a quick leak check. Once you do this, your shower is ready to use!

That’s it! You can now enjoy a great steam session with your new shower. For all the latest deals on steam showers, check out our collection.

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