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stteam shower buying guide

Steam Shower Buying Guide: 20 Things To Know

Looking to install a steam shower in your bathroom? There are a few things to know. We have compiled this list of 20 things to know before you buy a steam shower.

Steam showers have a lot of benefits. They provide similar benefits offered by steam rooms in gyms.

  1. A steam shower provides the same benefits of your gym steam room – without sitting in there with strangers.
  2. Steam showers are designed to fit most bathrooms.
  3. Chromotherapy lighting for relaxation.
  4. Get aromatherapy treatment in the comfort of your home.
  5. Steam showers can be installed in a matter of hours.
  6. Some steam showers have a “child-lock” feature so kids can’t turn up the steam if left alone in the shower.
  7. The average sauna session burns around 300 calories.
  8. Steam showers aid in muscle recovery.
  9. Aromatherapy oils that you can infuse in your steam can fight coughs and colds.
  10. Stress-relief.
  11. Steam showers help to open up your pores and give you clearer skin.
  12. Most steam showers have body jets which offer hydro-massage.
  13. A steam shower is a cost-effective alternative to wet rooms.
  14. Most steam showers have a self-cleaning functionality which runs after every session, to prevent mould.
  15. The steam showers we sell have a leak-proof tray design.
  16. Some steam showers have Bluetooth connectivity so you can listen to music during your steam session.
  17. Steam showers come with smart control panels which control the temperature of the cabin too.
  18. You can install steam showers yourself because we send you full installation guides after your order.
  19. Steam showers help improve circulation and lower blood pressure.
  20. Switchfeel offers a large selection of steam showers from UK’s best brands. We can offer the best prices because of our direct relationship with manufacturers. Our team will also help you through the installation and help you find qualified plumbers and electricians if you need additional installation help.

Buying a Steam Shower: What To Know

In our recent article steam room benefits, we detailed the various benefits of steam rooms, including lower blood pressure, improved circulation and healthier skin.

Steam rooms also help you recover from workouts much faster. Think of the steam shower as your very steam room in your home.

Steam showers have risen in popularity because of this fact! It is a convenient and cost-effective way of reaping the health benefits of steam rooms.


We get a lot of people calling and asking how complex the installation of a steam shower is. It really depends on your DIY skill level. Most people who buy from us are comfortable to put up their showers and only need the help of an electrician to make sure all connections are done properly.

The manufacturers make the process as simple as possible by creating the connectors to be compatible with your standard bathroom connectors. However, we do ask to get an electrician in to ensure everything has been done right. We can help you find the best tradespeople too – just give us a call!

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