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Natural Bamboo Hair Turban Towel

Looking for a natural bamboo hair turban? Make hair drying a quick, sustainable and eco-friendly affair with this lightweight, ultra-soft hair turban made from sustainable bamboo. This turban is made from natural bamboo fibres and dries your hair quicker than a traditional hair towel.

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Ultra-Soft Natural Bamboo Hair Turban

The bamboo turban hair towel from Switchfeel is a practical, ultra-soft and luxurious towel that drys your hair quickly and conveniently in the comfort of your home.

It is designed to fit perfectly on your head, with a button that secures it to provide a snug fitment. Our hair turban is naturally breathable, machine washable and odour-resistant.

How To Use

Our bamboo hair turban is extremely easy to use. Its oval shape fits conveniently around your hair like a hoodie. The first step is to bend over so your hair falls forward. Place the wide end of the turban around the back of your head and fit the hair in front into the thin end of the towel.

Twist the towel gently around your hair, flick it back and fasten it using the button as demonstrated in the diagram below.

Bamboo hair turban how to use

Why Buy a Bamboo Hair Turban?

There are many reasons to buy bamboo fabric products as opposed to traditional cotton. Bamboo is mostly grown without the use of pesticides whilst some non-organic cotton requires fertilizers and chemical pesticides, resulting in crop waste.

Bamboo is naturally resistant to insects and pests which makes the process of growing bamboo much more sustainable.

Bamboo Requires Less Water

This super-absorbent hair turban is made from the natural fibres of bamboo. Bamboo is a self-sufficient crop that does not rely on an irrigation system to grow. It uses 1/3 of the water most other crops need and it is a self-replenishing resource.

Bamboo Yields More

It is approximated that one acre of bamboo will yield ten times more that one acre of cotton. Even better, bamboo rarely needs replanting. it sprouts on its own and grows very quickly, with some species able to grow almost 4 feet per day.

Softer But Stronger Than Cotton

The viscose from bamboo is known as one of the strongest fabrics out there and it will outlast cotton. Despite this, it feels luxurious and ultra-soft and is sure to give your hair the care it needs.

Bamboo Hair Turban vs Traditional Hair Towel

The benefits of drying your hair with a bamboo turban go beyond the eco-friendly and sustainable advantages. Bamboo can absorb about 1.75 times its weight in water, compared to cotton which is able to absorb about 1.5.

Even more so, bamboo fabrics can absorb water faster than traditional cotton.

According to scientific research, the rate of absorption increases when items of clothing have increased bamboo fabrics in them.


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