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Resource Hub: Everything You Need To Know About Our Steam Showers & Cabins

For the benefit of our customers, we have created this resource hub as the first point of call for anyone looking for the best steam showers and shower cabins. We aim to provide as much information to help you before, during and after your search for steam showers and cabins. Whether you are looking for cabins, exclosures, or steam shower whirlpool baths, keep on reading to learn more.

bathroom renovation cost

Where To Find Manufacturer’s Installation Instructions

As you may know, the showers and cabins we sell products come with a DIY installation promise and each product is supplied with easy to follow instructions. You can have a look at the instructions for our most popular brands here:

Insignia Showers: Navigate to the relevant shower and download the instructions from this page.

Vidalux: You can find all the instructions conveniently on this single page.

Where To Find Useful Tips and Guides

In addition to the manufacturer instructions, you may be looking for general guidance on cleaning your shower, how to maintain it, and what to do before installation. Here are some quick links to some of our most useful guides.

1. Steam Shower Installation Checklist

2. Steam Shower Buying Guide

3. Effective Steam Shower Cabin Maintenance

4. Highest Rated Steam Shower Designs

5. Bathroom Renovation Cost and Estimates

6. Unbeatable Shower Room Ideas

Where To Find Manufacturer’s Online Brochures

Here are some quick links to the online brochures of our most popular products:

Insignia Steam showers logo

Insignia Media

Vidalux Showers

Vidalux Media

Manufacturer Terms

Vidalux Terms & Conditions | Insignia Terms & Conditions

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