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Steam shower maintenance

Effective Steam Shower Cabin Maintenance: 3 Useful Tips

Bathrooms easily get dirty. Even after a lengthy and expensive renovation, steam from your showers can create unsightly mould on your ceiling and tiles. Regular maintenance is important for a spotless bathroom. The same applies to your showers and enclosures. If you want to ensure long-lasting operation of your steam shower, keep up maintenance.

Steam Shower Cabin Maintenance

Modern steam showers are equipped with advanced maintenance features. The Insignia Premium 1000 for example comes with an ozone disinfection system, a leak-free tray and a unique design to keep steam in the cabin. This significantly reduces the amount of maintenance work needed. Vidalux showers also provide useful maintenance features, like an extractor fan and an ozone sterilisation system.

But maintance is still important. However, there are a few things you can do during installation to simplify the process.


shower cabin tray

Check gaskets and fittings when assembling the tray to ensure it remains watertight. Becuase of the design of the tray, most showers will sit on top of adjustable legs. Double-check the level of the adjustable legs as well.

Shower Assembly

shower cabin shower head

To make life easier, we recommend leaving some space above and behind the shower cabin. First of all, this gives enough room for the extrctor fan to operate and also provides room for the equipment housed at the rear of the shower unit.

Steam Shower Maintenance Tips

Here are a few tips to help you maintain your shower for a clean and spotless bathroom.

1. Wipe Down The Shower Glass

Limescale build up is common in most showers. As you use soap and shower eveyday, the residue can build up on the glass, especially in the corners and the bottom, near the tray. We recommend using a spray bottle with specialist glass cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth. Spray the solution onto the glass, leave for a minute or so and wipe it down thoroughly. We recommend doing this at least once every few days if you use the shower regularly.

2. Clean The Tray Regularly

If you are hairy like me, you are used to seeing your shower tray filled with hair after every shower. Over time, this can build up quite badly and become unsightly very quickly. One of the easiest ways to clean the shower tray on a regular basis is by quickly rinsing it using the microphone-style shower.

3. De-Scale The Showerhead

The quality of water in your town or city can increase the chances of your shower head getting clogged. If you live in an rea with hard water, you are more likely to get limescale build-up on your showerhead. The most effective way to clean and maintain your showerhead is by unscrewing it from time to time and cleaning our any dirt using a brush.

Maintaining Your Shower

Steam shower maintenance is not complicated. With the incredible options already offered, you only have to keep the glass clean, rinse the tray and check the shower head for any limeslcale build up. We hope you found this article useful and if you need any more assistance with your steam shower, get in touch with us.

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