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Shower room ideas

Unbeatable Shower Room Ideas For Bathroom Transformation

Looking to transform your small bathroom into a wonderful shower room? Here are some shower room ideas to help you choose the right products even on a limited budget. The secret to creating that stunning space is careful planning, attention to detail, and getting the colours right.

Small Shower Room Ideas

There are three unique ways to design bathrooms regardless of the size to make it look more stunning. Free up space, incorporate clever storage solutions like vanity and wall mounted units, and lighten up with mirrors.

Power-Up Your Storage For Clutter-Free Shower Space

Shower room ideas
Credit: Amazon UK

Good storage space is an essential part of any good bathroom. But how do you get enough room to store your bathroom accessories and toiletries without taking up too much space? The answer is vanity units.

Vanity units incorporate a sink or basin with storage to give you incredible space savings. Small shower rooms benefit from wall-mounted units which frees up space on the floor area. Regardless of your budget, you can get great vanity units with LED-lit mirrors and heated demister pads to prevent misting. Find some great wall-mounted units right here.

Free Up Space

Vidalux Essence 800

Shower rooms are popular because they can be created with a limited budget and help you save space. The most effective option is to remove your large bath and replace it with a walk-shower or steam shower.

Steam showers come in all shapes and sizes. Their elegant and space-saving designs will add a touch of luxury to any size bathroom. Modern steam showers are quick and easy to install.

They come with a leak-free tray, in various sizes like quadrants, square or rectangular. Small bathroom benefits from quadrant steam showers because they can be fitted in the corner, freeing up loads of space.

Steam showers also provide added health benefits. Studies suggest that while in a steamed room you get lower blood pressure and better circulation. This clears up any congestions and gives you better skin health. View our steam showers here.

Health-Focused Shower Room Idea

Have you thought of the health benefits of using showers with chromotherapy and hydromassage functions? Chromotherapy, the science of using colours to adjust your body’s vibrations to frequencies that result in better health could be a fixture in your shower room.

You could also use the water pressure applied in the body jets of a steam shower to massage your body after workouts. This helps in recovery and reducing muscle fatigue, improving muscle recovery.

Use Space Saving Shower Cabins

Shower cabins are also a stylish and affordable way to transform your bathroom. You do not need to lay any tiles and add decoration or even use silicone. They simply click into place, instantly changing the look and feel of your bathroom.

The quadrant shower cabin is the best choice if you have a small bathroom. It is the most popular shower enclosure option most people go for. View our shower cabins here.

Use Mirrors To Lighten Up

shower room ideas
Credit: Amazon UK

Lighter colours help you style a bathroom that looks spacious and elegant. From cabinets to shower cabins and the colour of your sink. If you like to use darker colours, or chrome and even gold, you can use mirrors to bounce light around.

The most popular shower room idea is to create an illusion of space when it is limited, and reflective materials bounce light around to do just that. Use a mirrored cabinet to help lighten up your shower room and make it look bigger. You can find great mirrors here.

Simple Designs Work Best

shower room ideas - radiators
Credit: Amazon UK

As shower and bathroom design experts, we discovered years ago that simple designs work best. When designing your shower room keep the shower, loo and basin next to each other. It is usually best to situate them on one side and have a space-saving vertical radiator or towel rail on the opposite side.

This creates good walk-through space. Having this space is important when you have multiple people in the house who need to use the bathroom in the morning rush. Everyone can walk through, pick hair brushes, brush teeth and floss without bumping into each other.

Choose a luxurious designer radiator to help you maximise that walk-through space. If you are in the market for radiators, find them here.

Add Luxurious Looking Accents

shower room ideas
Credit: Amazon UK

Gold accents can make your shower room stand out and give it a luxurious look. Even on a budget, you can accomplish this by adding gold accents throughout the room. Everything from shelves, to towel rings, loo roll holders can be added to enhance the look of your shower room. You can get some gold here.

Designing Your Perfect Shower Room

In summary, these shower room ideas will steer you in the right direction when creating your perfect bathroom.

Remember to use space-saving products like steam showers, shower cabins, wall-mounted vanity units and vertical radiators. Keep your designs simple if you have a small bathroom and add gold accents to give your shower room a luxurious look.

Mirrors will help you bounce light around because of their reflective nature, to create an illusion of space and brighten up your bathroom.

Most importantly, choose colours, designs and layouts that make you happy! Because when it comes down to it, the shower is somewhere we all spend a lot of time.

Don’t forget to budget effectively for your new bathroom design. Read our full guide on bathroom renovation costs.

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